Another Scam

We have donated a house to the blind lady with her 4 children by the help of members of Lankanewspapers. But some group is to collect money to build a house by demonstrating the family again. Visit the link http://www.silumina.lk/2011/05/29/_art.asp?fn=av1105297

A-Z story from the house construction of Blind Lady House is available in the youtube user as technovillage. http://www.youtube.com/user/technovillage#p/u/20/gedrMlI8x_4


Visit the Pitakumbura school based evillage project’s ICT related community project.


Kiri Amma Alms

Pepole in Digamadulla believe that new born babies cries frequently, because they did not offer alms for Kiri amma.

It is also a very big alms giving event for 7 milk mothers. Seven sweets must make for each type ex. Keum, kokis etc.

And need to wash the house and need to spray chanted water.

One baby cried frequently and treated from a Western doctor in Ampara but the illness was not ove. Then they prayed and fixed a date to alms, just after the day the child stopped crying.

Believe or not it is up to you. Hope that you will also share the ideas on the topic.

Forest papers

Due to the heavy rain to Pitakumbura, farmers will have to face a big trouble about their crops.

One feet of beam – 100 LKR
One foundation pit to create – 2000 LKR

 Bibile zonal education office held a 3 day teacher training program at Bakinigahawela Muslim School on 29th and 30th of April 2010. The final day program was held at Dodamgolla Computer Resource Centre on 03rd of May 2010. The program was organised by Mr. Lasika Samarakoon, the assistant director of education for information technology in the Bibile zonal education office.There were around 30 ICT teachers.